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MIDOCO Midoffice Presentation Optimizing Workflows in Travel Companies


Get NDC Ready

Uniformly process any booking from various booking sources including NDC and other preferred services

Global Traveller Profile Synchronization

Quick-Win in terms of improving workflow efficiency in TMCs

Independent Contractor Solutions

We have the framework for you to enable and manage your sales organization of independent contractors

Reconciliation of cashflows across the organization

Automate reconciliation of product sales (ARC, credit card, bank statements), supplier and commission settlements

Operating with Multiple Currencies

For Canadian TMCs - Pay and receive in multiple currencies including hedging related risks

Monetize your Service 

Make Service Fees a part of your Revenue Management Strategy and apply a comprehensive ruleset to charge efficiently for your services.

Operational Efficiency

Workflow automation is a solution to improve efficiency and to manage workforce challenges

Correct Data

Reduce effort on validating mandatory Information for data import, data entry and bulk check on customized rulesets.

Data Export and Delivery

Hand-off of Data in required format to Accounting Software and reporting tools

Guided Implementation

A Team of highly experienced travel and project management experts will support your migration to Midoco

MIDOCO | Workflow Automation

Technology that boosts your workflow efficiency

MIDOCO Midoffice Presentation Process Automation

Streamline workflows and free up more time for your service.

MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Data Exchange
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Task Management
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Order Processing
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
MIDOCO | Interfaces

Grow with broader supply

MIDOCO Midoffice Presentation Interfaces

Data exchange with more than 70 third-party systems.

MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Booking Systems
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Payment Systems
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Travel Management
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Risk Management
MIDOCO | Order Management

NDC ready

MIDOCO Midoffice Presentation Order Processing

Documentation and Reconciliation.

MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Travel Documents
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Task Management
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Service Fee Management
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
MIDOCO | Service Fees

Monetize your service

MIDOCO Midoffice Presentation Transaction Fees

Manage service fees centrally and grow revenue in your retail organizations.

MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Different Fee Types
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Ticket & Tarif Types
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Pax & Segments
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
MIDOCO | Task Management

Plan and organize collaboration

MIDOCO Midoffice Presentation Task Management

Outperform customer expectations managing workflows and collaboration

MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Task Dashboard
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Delegation & Assignment
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Task Clusters
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
MIDOCO | Business Intelligence

Grow your business based on data

MIDOCO Midoffice Presentation Business Intelligence

Preparing data analytics - All data in one place.

MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Data Warehouse
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Data Exchange
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Post-booking Data
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Bi-directional Data

Serve your customers

MIDOCO Midoffice Presentation CRM

Manage Customer Relationships based on integrated information.

MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Customer History & Attributes
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Duplicate Checks
MIDOCO | Accounting

Accounting Hand-Off in no time

MIDOCO Midoffice Presentation Accounting

Automate bookkeeping and financial workflows.

MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Cashbook Management
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Reconciliation (ARC/Supplier- and Commission Settlements)
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Bank Statements
MIDOCO | Payment Provider

Count on secure processing

MIDOCO Midoffice Presentation Payment Provider

Offer secure and convenient payment solutions to your customers.

MIDOCO Midoffice Check
PCI/DSS Certification
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Closing Reports
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Multiple Currencies
MIDOCO Midoffice Check
Virtual Credit Card Handling
MIDOCO Travel Enterprise Software

High performance at scale

14 B $

processed order value

7 M

managed flight tickets

25 K

daily active users

MIDOCO is a trusted partner

We operate proven high-performance solutions for

“MIDOCO is an extremely capable software function that will enable us to not only achieve the highest level of post-booking workflow automation available for both our business and our many clients currently but also will allow us to evolve further as new technology becomes available moving forward.”
Mark Woolcock
CFO, Easy Avenues

MIDOCO operates interfaces to all common booking sources, payment and accounting systems

We operate long lasting and high performing partnerships with

We are experienced Travel Professionals

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Steffen Faradi
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In the fast-paced world of travel agency management, staying ahead with efficient software solutions is paramount. From independent contractor management to streamlining post-booking workflows, cutting-edge technology plays a vital role in enhancing operational efficiency. Travel agencies grapple with managing independent contractors efficiently. Robust software solutions offer seamless integration for contractor management, ensuring smooth collaboration.

Supplier and ARC reconciliation are vital tasks for travel agencies. Advanced software automates this process, minimizing errors and maximizing revenue potential through accurate financial tracking. Centralizing service fee management within the finance department is made effortless with innovative technology. This centralized approach simplifies fee calculation, invoicing, and reporting, ensuring transparency and compliance.

Post-booking workflow optimization is essential for delivering exceptional customer service. Software solutions streamline processes, from itinerary management to invoicing, enhancing the overall customer experience. Integration of NDC IATA New Distribution Capability workflows empowers travel agencies to access diverse content efficiently, enabling better customer service and revenue optimization. Software facilitating traveler profile synchronization in Travel Management Companies (TMCs) ensures data consistency.

Workforce challenges in finding educated travel specialists are alleviated with software offering the automation of a wide range of manual tasks. In a dynamic industry where efficiency and accuracy are paramount, investing in cutting-edge software solutions is crucial for travel agencies to thrive.