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Simplify the reconciliation of BSP billing and automate subsequent accounting processes.


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Save valuable time reconciling the BSP (Billing & Settlement Plan) invoices.

The MIDOCO Midoffice Add-On m.BSP reduces the effort for BSP (Billing & Settlement Plan) reconciliation to a minimum. Midoco Midoffice supports the processing of BSP settlements. You can upload all formats provided in BSPLink (HOT file and MIAGTXNDET) to MIDOCO Midoffice. Start the synchronisation at the touch of a button. This process checks whether the incoming and outgoing invoices match. Defined deviation ranges are used to show you whether there are discrepancies and whether you need to check the data records. The matching data records are then automatically posted via the accounting functionality. You can use the task manager to automatically create and assign tasks for the data records to be checked.

m.BSP is only available in conjunction with an existing MIDOCO Midoffice contract. If you are interested in this functionality, please get in touch with your internal MIDOCO contact.

MIDOCO Midoffice m.BSP, mass reconciliation of BSP settlements
MIDOCO Mid-office

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BSP is a ground-breaking system that simplifies and optimises the selling, reporting and remittance of IATA-accredited passenger sales agents. It also ensures that financial control and cash flow are maximised for BSP airlines. With BSP, airlines have the opportunity to operate in over 180 countries and territories worldwide. The system currently supports more than 370 participating airlines and achieves an impressive 99.999% settlement rate. In 2017, 236.3 billion US dollars were processed via IATA's BSP.

The advantages of a BSP are enormous. Not only does the system simplify the sales process and agent transfers to a centralised location, but it also allows airlines to have a single settlement for all agents. By utilising electronic ticketing for all BSP airlines, the workload is significantly reduced. In addition, agent sales are reported electronically, which leads to more efficient processing. Another major advantage of the BSP is the saving of resources for billing and collection. The electronic distribution of billing reports and the creation of debit/credit notes (ADMs/ACMs) via BSPlink makes the process even more efficient. In addition, centralisation and grouping enables improved financial control, while the consolidated document flow ensures accelerated quality control. The entire process is monitored by a neutral body, which ensures additional security.

The BSP acts as a central hub for the exchange of data and funds between travel agents and airlines. Instead of each agent having an individual relationship with each airline, all information is pooled through the BSP. Travel agents make a single payment to the BSP that covers all sales to BSP airlines. In return, the BSP makes a consolidated payment to each airline covering all sales made by all agents in the country/region. Another benefit for agents is that they receive a set of electronic ticket numbers that they can use for sales on all airlines. This greatly simplifies the sales process and gives agents greater flexibility. BSP revolutionises the whole process of airline ticket sales and billing. It is an essential system for those in the airline industry who are looking for efficiency, control and savings.