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Process automation for data exchange, invoicing, payment reconciliation and more

Gain time and improve the customer experience with workflow automation

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Data import and exchange. Creation and delivery of documents, calculation and invoicing, payment and much more

Automate all steps from booking to accounting. Receipts, confirmations, invoices are automatically created and sent to customers. Automatically forward data downstream into back-office-systems.

Save time automating ...


... data exchange

Import of booking data from GDS, NDC and supplier reservation systems


... order processing

Creation and delivery of booking confirmations and invoices


... task management

Task reminders and delegation


... customer management

Order allocation to customer record and profile automation


... payment

Credit card capturing, reconciliation, foreign currency processing


... analytics

Data normalisation and export of data for reporting


... finance

Booking of incoming invoices before and after travel, Invoice and payment reminders, Bank statement import, Agency and mediator settlement


... transaction fee management

Calculation and invoicing of transaction fees


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The website explains how Midoco's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can improve process automation for travel companies. The system offers a variety of features that help improve travel company operations, including automated data entry, document management and financial accounting. Process automation of these tasks can save time and improve accuracy, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks.

Midoffice software can also help tour operators manage their supplier accounting. In this way, you ensure that both purchasing and sales are well documented and accounted for.

In addition, midoffice software for travel companies provides comprehensive reporting capabilities that allow travel companies to identify areas where they can improve efficiency and profitability. Integration with a variety of third party systems for both inbound and outbound data saves resources in data exchange and reduces the error rate of your processes.