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MTIX Midoco Travel Index®

The MTIX Midoco Travel Index® shows the daily sales performance in travel retail for Business Travel, Leisure Online and Leisure Offline in Germany and Austria. The figures are based on a representative sample of >11 billion annual travel volume. This makes the MTIX Midoco Travel Index® the most valid and up-to-date indicator of travel industry performance.

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MTIX Midoco Travel Index®


What exactly does the MTIX Midoco Travel Index® show?

The MTIX Midoco Travel Index® shows the current sales development of travel services in the Leisure Online (OTAs), Leisure Offline (travel agencies) and Business Travel sectors on a daily basis.

For historical comparison, the MTIX Midoco Travel Index® presents representative values of the years and days since 2018. This makes it possible to show the exact course and percentage change in the different time periods.

How is the MTIX Midoco Travel Index® calculated?

The MTIX Midoco Travel Index® is calculated based on the average value of travel services sold in Germany in 2018. This 2018 mean value is indexed with the value 1000 and represents the base 1000 line in the chart.

In order to smooth out fluctuations from the days of the week, the MTIX Midoco Travel Index® is shown as a rolling 7-day average (Simple Moving 7-Day-Average). The calculation of the displayed percentage development is also based on this 7-day average.

This means that, with a daily value of 1,100, the average value of the last 7 days is 10% higher than the mean value of 2018.

At what frequency is the MTIX Midoco Travel Index® calculated and displayed?

The MTIX Midoco Travel Index® values are calculated daily for the previous day and the time before and are updated around 8:00 a.m. CET.

What exactly does 2024-YTD vs. 2023-Same Period mean?

2024-YTD vs 2023-Same Period is a key performance indicator (KPI) and shows how the year is doing so far compared to 2022.

It compares the sum of the 2024 values to date, to the sum of the 2023 values in the same period. So, if we have a positive value here of, say, 10%, it tells us that the market is moving 10% above 2023 in the selected segment to date.

Is the MTIX - Midoco Travel Index® representative of the travel industry?

Travel services worth €11-12 billion per year are invoiced via Midoco. The MTIX Midoco Travel Index® is a representative cross-section of this and is therefore, the largest source currently available to show the development of the market.

Why is the MTIX Midoco Travel Index® based on 2018 and not 2019?

2018 is the last year with an industry-standard seasonal pattern. The COVID-19 pandemic did not cause lockdowns and other travel restrictions until 2020, but as a result many trips booked in late 2019 were cancelled as of March 2020. You can clearly see this difference in the last quarter of 2018 and 2019 in the index performance.

Do the values of previous days change?

Yes, the historical values change slightly. Cancellation of travel services also lead to a decrease in the value total and thus the index in the past.

Is there also an index by departure dates?

An MTIX Midoco Travel Index® that is not based on the day of sale but on the actual date of departure is being planned.

MTIX Midoco Travel Index®

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