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Task Management in for daily Routines in Travel Companies

Facilitate teamwork and stay in control of upcoming tasks to provide excellent customer service

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Efficient workflows result in more time for your customers

The MIDOCO Task Management provides you with a comprehensive overview of pending tasks. Let MIDOCO generate tasks automatically, create them manually, use templates, assign tasks and/or set priorities.

Improve you offices workflow efficiency ...


... by integrated management of orders, customers and tasks


... applying your company organisation and specifics in Midoco


... customising your personal task dashboard


...  structuring your work in task clusters


... displaying personal tasks according to their delivery deadline


... making use of task templates


... using the prioritisation and alert functionality


... delegating or assigning tasks to persons or groups


Download the comprehensive MIDOCO Mid-office Requirement Checklist

Midoco Midoffice ERP system for travel provides businesses in the travel industry with a comprehensive solution to streamline and automate their tasks. One of the key features of the system is task management, which helps users to efficiently manage and organise their tasks.

The task management module of Midoco Midoffices’ ERP system allows businesses to create tasks, assign them to employees, and track their progress. It also provides users with a calendar view of tasks, making it easier to plan and prioritise tasks. In addition, the system offers a task board view, which provides an overview of all tasks and their status.

The task management module allows users to set deadlines, add notes, and attach files to tasks. This feature ensures that all relevant information is stored in one place and accessible to all team members. Furthermore, the system offers a notification feature, which sends alerts to team members when a new task is assigned to them or when a task is due.

Another feature of the task management module is the ability to create task templates. This feature enables businesses to create predefined templates for common tasks, making it quicker and easier to create new tasks. The system also offers the ability to create recurring tasks, which is helpful for tasks that need to be performed regularly.

In summary, Midoco's ERP system for travel provides businesses with an efficient and effective way to manage their tasks. The task management module offers a range of features to streamline the task management process, making it easier for businesses to stay organised, save time, and improve productivity.