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MIDOCO Add-On m.Sign

Offer an electronic signature in your travel shop or at home and skip printing.

The MIDOCO E-Signature Add-On m.Sign

With the product m.Sign, MIDOCO offers you the possibility to have all documents electronically signed in PDF format. m Sign provides you with a document folder in which documents ready for signature can be collected and from there given to the customer for signature.


Without m.Sign

  • Postal dispatch or signature on site
  • Time loss
  • Physical archiving
  • Data protection challenge
  • Complicated assignment of document to stored customer information
  • Use of paper

With m.Sign

  • Electronic signature
  • Provision of documents in document folder
  • Assignment to customer record
  • Automatic or manual assignment via drag and drop
  • Signature via tablet (iOS/Android/Windows), signature pad (Stepover) or via webmail
  • GDPR-compliant backup of signed documents

Combine m.Sign with m.Doc and reduce printing.

m.Sign is only available in within an existing MIDOCO environment. If you are interested in this functionality, get in touch with your internal MIDOCO contact person.