Integrate Midoco into your environment. Allow your third-party apps to request data from and use functionality in MIDOCO Midoffice.

MIDOCO Mid-office

MIDOCO Webservice Add-On

m.Webservice opens the MIDOCO environment to enhance functionality and information in your tech landscape. The add-on enables you to extract and display information in other applications. 


Whithout m.Webservice


With m.Webservice

MIDOCO Mid-office Add-ons

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Make Midoco Midoffice the focal point of your technology and data strategy, harnessing the abundance of information stored within the system to enhance the customer experience across various applications.
m.Webservice is only available in within an existing MIDOCO environment. If you are interested in this functionality, get in touch with your internal MIDOCO contact person.
MIDOCO Midoffice m.Web, customizable data exchange
MIDOCO Mid-office

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