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Backoffice automation for Travel Agencies, Tour Operators and OTAs

Financial workflows seamlessly integrated into the operational landscape of travel companies

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Imagine running touchless financial workflows

MIDOCO provides exports to standard accounting and bookkeeping systems. On top MIDOCO's travel accounting software can provide the complete bookkeeping for export to your third-party accounting system.

MIDOCO accounting functionality ...


... enables managing the cashbook per unit or per user with protocol functionality for travel-related and not travel-related items


... provides foreign currency balancing


... enables definition and automation of own account assignment rules for every bank transaction


... provides automated agency commission settlement for partner agencies


... imports and processes bank statements in relevant formats (MT-940 or CAMT-53)


... can carry out accounting period, monthly and period-end closings


... provides reconciliation, balance lists, margin lists, missing incoming invoices list, list of unprinted supplier invoices etc.


... apply different VAT models


Download the comprehensive MIDOCO Midoffice Requirement Checklist

Midoco Midoffice can boost your back-office automation for travel companies. This ERP system is tailored to meet the specific needs of the travel industry and automates financial workflows while providing detailed financial reports.

Midoco Midoffice offers various accounting features, including accounts payable and receivable and financial reporting. These features allow businesses to streamline their accounting processes. The software also provides a detailed view of financial data, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on their financial standing.

Midoco Midoffice can integrate with other software tools, including payment gateways and CRM systems, making it a comprehensive solution for accounting needs. This integration allows for seamless payment processing and reconciliation and helps track financial data related to customers.

In conclusion, Midoco Midoffice is an ideal solution for travel companies seeking to streamline their accounting processes. With its accounting features, including accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, and financial reporting, businesses can automate their financial transactions and track their financial standing in real-time. Additionally, Midoco Midoffice's ability to integrate with other software tools makes it a comprehensive solution for accounting needs in the travel industry.