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Secure payment processes and settlement for travel transactions

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Imagine finalising financial workflows without a single manual step.

Map your payment processes in MIDOCO Midoffice. Accept payments via different payment service providers or directly on site with the MIDOCO cash register functionality. Simplify follow-up processes such as payment reconciliation. Offer your customers the right payment options with easy processing for your business.

The MIDOCO payment functionality ...


... offers automated and PCI/DSS certified credit card processing


... processes all common payment options


... enable payment acceptance at the point of sale


... can record payments from external back office systems


... allows PSD2 compliant communication depending on the specific payment provider interface capabilities


... allows daily cash book closing report


... is multi currency capable


... enables to run travel and non-travel related cash books


Download the comprehensive MIDOCO Midoffice Requirement Checklist

Payment processing is a critical element of any business, particularly in the travel industry, where it plays a significant role. A travel midoffice acts as a centralized system that manages all the operational processes within a travel agency, from importing booking data to billing. Integrating a payment processing system into the midoffice is supports seamless and accurate payment processing.

By integrating a payment processing system with a travel midoffice, travel agencies can offer customers multiple payment options, including credit cards, bank transfers, and online payment gateways. This enhances the customer experience by providing flexibility and accessibility while minimizing the risk of errors and fraud by automating the payment process and integrating it with the booking and invoicing systems.

Additionally, integrating a payment processing system with a travel midoffice offers valuable data insights that can be used to optimize revenue and pricing strategies. By analyzing payment trends and customer behavior, travel agencies can adjust pricing and inventory management to maximize profitability.

In summary, the integration of a payment processing system with a travel midoffice is crucial for travel agencies to streamline their operations, improve the customer experience, and enhance revenue management. It is crucial to select a reliable and secure payment processing provider that can seamlessly integrate with the midoffice system and offer multiple payment options. With the right tools in place, travel agencies can focus on providing exceptional service to their customers while driving growth and profitability.