Umwelt- und Klimaschutz

Sustainability at the MIDOCO Group

The MIDOCO Group is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its operations. In this context, the company's activities are continuously reviewed for sustainability and ecological compatibility and constantly optimised.




We have formulated guidelines for reducing waste and disposing of it correctly. These include:

  • The use of reusable items for lunch (cutlery, plates, etc.)
  • Avoiding printing paper wherever possible
  • Limiting the production of physical marketing materials
  • Any materials produced must be ecologically compatible.

To reduce waste related to water and coffee, water dispensers and a coffee machines are installed in our offices. In addition, attention is paid to ecological compatibility when purchasing office materials, technical equipment and articles for daily use.




MIDOCO strives to continuously reduce and responsibly source the energy it uses.

For example, the MIDOCO offices only use green electricity and the MIDOCO Group's software products are stored on servers powered by electricity from renewable energy sources. Guidelines have been created for the everyday use of equipment and the handling of data. Events are checked for ecological compatibility and compensated via offsetting if necessary. We even check and carefully control the heating or cooling of our offices to ensure as little impact as possible.




Regarding transport and the movement of our staff, we support a considered approach to air travel that recognises its impact on the environment. We also advocate booking hotels that operate sustainably. In addition, MIDOCO Midoffice and our partner atmosfair offer the possibility for our customers to offer offsetting on booked trips to their corporates through our software. This is also possible on the Midoffice via our partner MyClimate.




To support the mental health of our employees, we offer psychological support to our employees via our association with the world-class Fuerstenberg Institute of Hamburg. Here, advice, guidance, or counseling is available to our employees. Crucially, this service is offered for free, with the cost of its use being borne entirely by the MIDOCO Group.


Social Responsibility


Every year, we support various social organisations that make an important contribution to society.

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