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Use Midoco Midoffice as your central Data Repository

Create a Data Warehouse Environment to enhance your Travel Operations and Analytics

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Merge information from various sources

Simplify the handling of master, customer, transaction, task and payment data by bringing them together in one central repository (data warehouse). This creates a solid business intelligence environment for reporting and action-based communication, whether for order processing or marketing.

MIDOCO Midoffice ...


... is a transactional system and a data warehouse in one


...reduces the complexity of subsequent processes when booking in different sources


... consolidates all the post-booking data you need for your day to day operations


... inter connects information on customers, orders, tasks, transactions and payments


... processes data uniformly and source agnostic


... can aggregate, calculate and normalise and export data for external analysis


... can execute bi-directional data exchange manual or automised


... gives you control and access to nearly every database field


Download the comprehensive MIDOCO Midoffice Requirement Checklist

Midoco Midoffice is an ERP system tailored to the needs of the travel industry, designed to improve operational capabilities in travel companies. This software is a central repository for storing and managing data, allowing travel businesses to make informed decisions based on accurate and integrated up-to-date information.

Using a data warehouse environment, Midoco Midoffice facilitates data integration and consolidation, enabling better data analysis, reporting, and forecasting. By providing comprehensive insights into customer behaviour, revenue management, and cost control, Midoco Midoffice helps businesses optimise their operations and increase profitability.

The software can integrate with other software tools, providing a comprehensive solution for data management and analytics needs, including data visualisation, dashboards, and reports, which enable companies to identify trends and patterns, and make informed decisions based on insights.

Midoco Midoffice's benefits are numerous, as it enables businesses to improve their customer service and satisfaction, increase revenue, and reduce costs. It provides users with an accurate and comprehensive understanding of their operations, allowing them to make informed decisions to improve their business performance.

In conclusion, Midoco Midoffice is an excellent choice for travel companies seeking to improve their business intelligence capabilities. With its data warehousing approach and integration with other software tools, Midoco Midoffice provides a comprehensive solution for data management and analytics needs, enabling companies to optimise their operations and increase profitability.