The secure electronic filing and management of your document with the MIDOCO Midoffice Document Management System.

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Document Management System m.Doc

The archiving of documents is an integral part of MIDOCO Midoffice. The MIDOCO document management system (DMS) is provided as standard in its basic functionality or offered in its extended functionality as a TÜV-certified MIDOCO add-on m.Doc. The MIDOCO DMS enables you to store electronic objects and documents in a database-supported, long-term, secure and unchangeable manner. These documents can be reproduced at any time in accordance with the law.


Without m.Doc


With m.Doc

MIDOCO Midoffice Add-ons

As you grow the amount documents grows too.

With m.Doc you can scale the storage of documents.

As the number of bookings and customers increases, so does the amount of information you need to store. This also increases the complexity of administration. m.Doc takes care of this for you.

The MIDOCO add-on m.Doc then automatically regulates the secure storage or deletion of documents for you.

*Should you opt for the MIDOCO Add-On, a retroactive back payment of the m.Doc fee per month will be due since the new document management system came into effect on 1 July 2018.

MIDOCO Midoffice m.Doc, Document Management System
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