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Document management system MIDOCO m.Doc

The secure electronic filing and management of your documents.

The document management system m.Doc

The archiving of documents is an integral part of MIDOCO Midoffice. The MIDOCO document management system (DMS) is provided as standard in its basic functionality or offered in its extended functionality as a TÜV-certified MIDOCO add-on m.Doc. The MIDOCO DMS enables you to store electronic objects and documents in a database-supported, long-term, secure and unchangeable manner. These documents can be reproduced at any time in accordance with the law.


Without m.Doc

  • Create or upload documents in MIDOCO
  • Assignment of a document type (automated, manual or via web service)
  • Assignment of a standard retention period of three years since the release on July 1, 2018
  • Data volume per document 1 MB
  • Conditional change in the retention period of individual documents
  • Standard document types: Invoices, general order document, general CRM document, offer, receipt, declaration of consent, change of flight times, form, court proceedings, voucher, cash register document, reminder document, invoice, invoice credit, travel plan, travel documents, SEPA mandate, temporary document, insurance policy, payment slip

With m.Doc

  • Basic functionality
  • Storage of documents beyond the standard retention period of three years
  • Increase the maximum number of documents that can be stored
  • The volume per document is increased to 10 MB
  • Possibility to edit the master data of documents to master data program
  • Change of retention period including plausibility check
  • Application of the role concept for processing the document master data
  • Creation of new types of documents beyond the standard types
  • Deletion of document types
  • Better implementation of data concepts in accordance with GDPR
Determine your own retention periods and other parameters. The MIDOCO add-on m.Doc then automatically regulates the secure storage or deletion of documents for you.

View document management TÜV certificate →

*Should you opt for the MIDOCO Add-On, a retroactive back payment of the m.Doc fee per month will be due since the new document management system came into effect on 1 July 2018.