Order Processing for a seamless planning, booking and organisation of customers travel experiences

Travel order management from documentation to reconiliation and service.

Process bookings faster through order processing

Automated and manual travel order management for both customer, vendor and travel retailer

MIDOCO Mid-office aggregates travel information from many different booking sources into a single trip, supporting travel agencies to efficiently manage all steps in post-booking workflows.

Automated allocation and downstream processing of travel bookings

The integrated Midoco Midoffice order processing combines bookings from different sources into one order and assigns the orders to customers.

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MIDOCO Midoffice Whitepaper Operational Efficiency
MIDOCO Midoffice

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MIDOCO Mid-office

Smooth planning, booking and organisation of travel

Midoco Midoffice Order processing includes a variety of operational tasks in travel agencies

Customer advice: The travel agency advises customers on planning their trip and recommends suitable destinations, accommodation, transport, activities and other travel services. Booking: The travel agency books flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, activities and other services on behalf of the customer. Documentation: The travel agency prepares and processes travel documents such as airline tickets, hotel reservations, visas and travel insurance. Payment processing: The travel agency accepts payments from customers and processes refunds and cancellations. Customer service: The travel agency is available to customers throughout the trip to answer questions, solve problems and make changes to the itinerary. Travel arrangements: In some cases, the travel agency also organises group tours, cruises and other special events. Overall, order processing in a travel agency includes all the tasks required to successfully and efficiently implement customers' travel plans.

Additional MIDOCO Midoffice ERP Features

Mid- and back-office ERP software from order processing to accounting.