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Maximise the monetisation of your service with the MIDOCO Midoffice Add-On m.Fee.

Manage complex transaction fee models easily

The transaction fee manager m.Fee integrates with the MIDOCO order management and maps your customers' travel policies individually

Calculate transaction fees for flights, hotels, cars, train tickets and all other services. Among many other things the MIDOCO Transaction Fee Manager processes and automates:

Enhance transaction fee management and processing

The variety of design options opens up a new world of monetisation for your service and prevents errors as complexity increases.

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MIDOCO Mid-office

Manage complex transaction fee models in detail

MIDOCO's travel ERP system enables travel industry companies to automate and streamline their financial processes, saving time and reducing errors.

MIDOCO's travel ERP system allows businesses in the travel industry to automate and streamline their financial processes, saving them time and reducing errors. One of the system’s features is the ability to calculate transaction fees for various types of transactions.

The MIDOCO Transaction Fee Manager enables you to calculate transaction fees based on item types (Flight, Rail, Accommodation, Car Rental etc.), ticket types such as the ticket itself, a refund, a cancellation, an EMD or MCO, the airline, hotel bookings (number of rooms, hotel company, distribution channel (GDS, NDC, Direct), Number of pax and/or segments, destination in any compilation. The flexibility of the Midoco Transaction Fee manager offers the opportunity to differentiate your service and maximise the monetization of your travel expertise and experience. Charging fees for specific services you offer will improve your profitability. Your knowledge and technological solutions that you provide to your corporate customers can be charged in detail using the Midoco Transaction Fee Manager.

MIDOCO's travel ERP system allows businesses to customise the transaction fee calculation process. They can set different fee structures for different types of transactions, and they can set fee rates based on very specific criteria.

Overall, MIDOCO's travel ERP system provides a comprehensive solution for businesses in the travel industry, allowing them to automate financial processes and calculate transaction fees accurately and efficiently.

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