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Optimise your workflows with MIDOCO ERP travel software
Process automation, interfaces, order processing, transaction fee management, task management, business intelligence, CRM, bookkeeping, payment


Automation that makes your processes invisible.


Flexible interfaces to more than 70 frontend and backoffice systems.


Tailor just about any MIDOCO functionality to your company workflows.


Map and automate individual transaction fees


Organisation that optimises your customer service.


Take decisions based on facts.


Manage your customer relationships with the MIDOCO CRM functionality.


Streamline your processes with MIDOCO bookkeeping functionality.


Variety of payment solutions plus PCI/DSS certification for credit cards

Process Automation

Automate all steps from booking to accounting. receipts, confirmations, invoices are automatically created and sent to clients. Automatically forward data downstream into back office -system.

Amongst others the following processes can be automated with MIDOCO mid-office:

  • Indirect and Direct Import of booking data (related MIDOCO feature: Interfaces)
  • Calculation of transaction fees (related MIDOCO feature: Transaction Fee Management)
  • Shipping of travel documents and invoices (related MIDOCO feature: Order processing)
  • Profile synchronisation (related MIDOCO feature: CRM)
  • Task reminders (related MIDOCO feature: Task management)
  • Credit card capturing (related MIDOCO feature: Payment)
  • Foreign currency balancing (related MIDOCO feature: Payment)
  • Agency and mediator settlement (related MIDOCO feature: Bookkeeping
  • Invoice and payment reminders (related MIDOCO feature: Bookkeeping)
  • Bank statement import (related MIDOCO feature: Bookkeeping)
  • Booking of incoming invoices before and after travel (related MIDOCO feature: Bookkeeping)


The uniform automation of downstream processes from different booking sources such as GDS and OBEs are a key feature. Interfaces to established but also new systems exist or are easy to create. MIDOCO can adapt to technological developments easily. Companies starting to utilise new formats such as NDC need downstream processing. This is where MIDOCO mid-office comes in to abbreviate your development initiatives. Following an excerpt of system MIDOCO can communicate with:


  • Amadeus (GDS)
  • Travelport (GDS)
  • Sabre (GDS)
  • Farelogix (NDC)
  • Atriis (Full Content)
  • Hitchhiker
  • Ypsilon.net
  • Peakwork
  • Amadeus Leisure IBE (formerly Traveltainment (CRS))
  • Traffics (CRS)
  • My Jack ( CRS)
  • Evolvi (Train) - In development
  • Air Gateway (NDC) - Planned
  • Passolution


  • SAGE - Planned
  • SUN Accounts - In development
  • TaTs IBIZA
  • Travelbasys


  • Umbrella Faces - In development
  • Any external campaign tool


  • Kaera
  • Travel Assist
  • Flight Global - Planned
  • Insurances (Hanse Merkur, ERV, Allianz)
  • Car Rental (Sunny Cars)
  • Holiday Extras, Holiday Taxis)

The complete list of active and planned connections can be found on our interfaces partner page.


As a key element of its communication capabilities MIDOCO provides to an extensive range of webservices for the delivery, processing and collection of data for MIDOCO mid-office. This service is available for application areas like order, CRM, tasks etc.  You can manage which data MIDOCO mid-office receives via your application or query data from MIDOCO for further use in your application. A use case could be returning information about the current order status to your customers on your website.

Order Processing

Order management is the heart of MIDOCO. Bookings and reservations from all submitted systems are combined into one order. Decide for yourself how to treat actions, whether you want to handle them automatically or manually and where you want to allocate them in your workflow. MIDOCO gives you the opportunity to design your workflows the way you want them to be deployed.

Among other things, the following functionalities are available to you:

  • Summary of postings from various sources to an order
  • Order templates
  • Detailed order history
  • Billing (consolidated, collective and split)
  • Creation of travel documents
  • Employee bonus calculation
  • E-mail the invoice and travel documents to the customer via internal or external email program
  • External ERM support
  • PTR compliance
  • GDPR compliance
  • Quality assurance of order placement

Transaction Fee Management

MIDOCO has the most powerful transaction fee manager in the market. Automatically calculate transaction fees for flights, hotels, car, train tickets and all other services.

Amongst other things the MIDOCO transaction fee manager can automate the following aspects of your clients travel guidelines:

  • All item types (Flight/Hotel/Car/Rail etc.)
  • All different ticket types (ticket, void, refund, emd, mco, exchange tickets etc.)
  • Different fees depending on ticket origin (GDS, passiv, ghost etc.)
  • Different fees depending on sales channel (GDS, farelogix, atriis etc.)
  • Hundreds of sub-groups for emd’s automatically
  • Multiplied by pax or segments
  • Geographical departure and destination even specific country combinations
  • Different fare-types, bsp-validators and ticket-designator in any combination you prefer
  • Different airlines, booking classes and even for a single point to point city pair
  • Your own validity dates for every single fee
  • Define price ranges for the fee generation
  • Percentage fees
  • Bundled fees (generation of additional fees at the same day or not)
  • Define your own, individual fees which can be controlled with a remark from GDS

Task Management

Managing tasks can be challenging. MIDOCO comes with a comprehensive overview of upcoming tasks. Automatically generate tasks or create them manually. This will ensure that you can meet your agreed service levels. These are some of the features, that the MIDOCO task management do for you.

  • Manage your daily tasks and appointments conveniently and efficiently - without pencil and paper, annoying e-mail tide and Outlook calendar.
  • Keep an eye on the tasks of your organisational unit and your personal task set with the configurable tasks dashboard.
  • Customise your dashboard so that you only see what you want to see. Create up to six individual task collections, name and arrange the tabs according to your needs.
  • Display selected task views only on specific days or times.
  • Save time with task templates and keep colleagues up to date by commenting on tasks.
  • Delegate tasks and assign them to specific users or groups.
  • Prioritise which tasks are most important, or let color-coding highlight the most urgent ones.

Business Intelligence

The MIS capabilities and lists give you access to nearly every database field in the application. Thanks to ad-hoc analysis you will not lose any time. Categorise your customers and use the MIDOCO campaign management feature to prepare email or letter campaigns with little time effort and control your marketing activities with MIDOCO. Among other things, the following business intelligence functionalities are available in MIDOCO.

  • Create customer- or order lists with extensive selection options
  • Save selections as a template
  • Planning and dispatch of reports
  • Define selection according to absolute but also relative values
  • Assignment of the list to campaigns or tasks
  • Export of lists for external reporting


With centralised data management, document management and maintenance of the customer history, you always have the most relevant information per customer one place. With the MIDOCO CRM you can surprise your customers with a personal approach, without having to spend a lot of time on it.

  • Customer / supplier database
  • Campaigns light and pro
  • Standard document storage
  • Customisable customer attributes
  • Full customer history
  • Complaint management
  • Contact types
  • Multiple addresses
  • Customer blacklist
  • Customer credit limits definition
  • Mandatory fields
  • Customer language support
  • Doubles check
  • Import functionality
  • GDPR compliance
  • Voucher handling


MIDOCO provides exports to standard accounting and bookkeeping systems. On top MIDOCO's accounting mode can provide the complete bookkeeping for export to your third-party accounting system.  Amongst other the following features are available to you.

  • Cashbook per unit or per user with protocol functionality
  • Cashbook for travel-related and non-travel-related items
  • Foreign currency cashbooks
  • Processing of bank statements -> import MT-940 or CAMT-53 data
  • Definition of own posting rules for every bank transaction
  • Automated account assignments – book your customer payment within seconds
  • Fully searchable booking journal with export functionality to SAGE/DATEV/LEXWARE etc.
  • Functionality to close booking periods
  • Manual booking possibility e.g. to correct booking journal
  • Foreign currency balancing in a very easy way
  • Automated supplier reconciliation
  • Define your own syntax for every supplier and reconcile your data in a jiffy
  • Easy to use manual supplier balancing for smaller provider to reconcile
  • Automated agency commission settlement for partner agencies
  • Automated mediator settlement for affiliate partner
  • Collective invoice functionality
  • Employee bonus calculation
  • Automated invoice payment reminder process
  • Vat reconciliation, balance lists, margin lists, missing incoming invoices list, list of unprinted supplier invoices etc.
  • Open item lists per order, per account or per customer/debitor
  • Detailed balance lists
  • Payment received lists for deposit payments
  • Handle every possible vat scheme for MIDOCO orders
  • Foreign currency capability
  • Active and automated billing process for supplier settlement


MIDOCO offers a variety of payment options. The software is PCI/DSS certified and can securely process credit card information. The functions can also be tailored to individual payment processes. Receive on-the-spot payments with MIDOCO POS functionality or send reminders and charge fees if necessary. MIDOCO payment features include:

  • Automated credit card capturing
  • PCI/DSS secure processing of cc information
  • POI payment terminals
  • SEPA (Payment and Mandates)
  • Payment information from third party back office
  • Travel and non-travel related cash book
  • Cash book per User and Unit
  • Daily cash book closing report
  • Multi-currency handling
  • Accepted credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, AirPlus, Diners, Degussa, B&S Cardservice, Concardis, Computop, Quenta, corporate cards with DBI handling
  • Other payment methods: Paypal, Sofortüberweisung

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