m.CC Leisure

The m.CC Leisure Add-on from MIDOCO provides you with the capability to handle and process credit card payments, adhering to the PCI/DSS standards.

MIDOCO Mid-office

Secure access to your customers' stored credit cards

This function saves you valuable time. Thanks to PCI/DSS certification, you can store your customers' credit cards in Midoco Midoffice and automatically integrate them into your workflows or access them in just a few steps.


Whithout m.CC Leisure


With m.CC Leisure

MIDOCO Mid-office AddOns

Secure processes create trust.

With m.CC Leisure, your customers can rely on you to handle credit card data with the utmost confidence.

m.CC Leisure is only available in conjunction with an existing MIDOCO installation. If you are interested in this functionality, please contact your internal MIDOCO contact person.

MIDOCO Midoffice m.CC Leisure, processing Credit Card payments in accordance with the PCI / DSS standard
MIDOCO Mid-office

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