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Create virtual Credit Cards in Midoco

For AirPlus Virtual Card Classic + Travel Trade Customers

Save time through automation

For your travel agency to be truly flexible, you need your front, mid, and back office to be seamlessly connected

This is possible using intelligent automation, which helps you optimize your coordination, speed up functions, streamline processes, drive innovation, and generally improve collaboration.

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AirPlus Virtual Card Classic + Travel Trade

Now, integrating automation into your workflow is easier than ever: Midoco and AirPlus have created an interface that enables you to generate virtual credit card numbers directly from Midoco Midoffice.

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Your account number is stored in the newly created ‘Virtual credit cards’ tab in your CRM profile. If there is no associated order in Midoco Midoffice at the time you intend to create a virtual credit card, you can generate one directly from the CRM system instead. This is also possible within an existing order.

To access this new interface, you’ll first need to activate it for your Midoco unit(s). Please contact the Midoco Helpdesk for the activation.

"We at DER BUSINESS Travel were a pilot customer for the new XML interface between the AirPlus Portal and the MIDOCO mid-office system. After successfully testing the new solution, we decided to roll it out officially as quickly as possible. The partnership between AirPlus and MIDOCO gives us the opportunity to create virtual cards even faster, making our day-to-day work much easier."
Katja Vortmann

Vice President DER BUSINESS Travel

"Virtual credit cards offer a secure, flexible and user-friendly solution for online payments, especially in the travel sector. They allow users to stay in control of their finances and minimize the risk of fraud. To support their use, we have created a solution in Midoco Midoffice that automates card generation and integrates it into existing CC payment processes to minimize manual work."
MIDOCO Team Jörg Hauschild
Jörg Hauschild


MIDOCO & AirPlus

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