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Midoco, das System für Ketten-
und Franchisesysteme


MIDOCO for travel agency organisations

Provide your staff on site with a system with which they can give customers the best advice and service. The high performance Midoco CRM gives you all the information at a glance. The Midoco architecture allows you to retain the option e.g. of controlling settlements and campaigns centrally for all locations or for selected locations. At the same time, the staff’s freedom to act individually on site can be scaled according to your needs. Use Midoco Multi Channel to connect several sales channels with each other and thereby take all round care of your customers.

Here are the key features of Midoco for travel agency organisations:

Order management

In Midoco, bookings and reservations from all connected systems are collated to make one travel order, thus giving you all booking and reservation information about a trip at a glance. Midoco provides clear, concise masks for this. In one order you can manage delivery notes, invoices, travel confirmations, freely definable correspondence and send these to the customer – also automatically if required.  Automate the following procedures, define e.g. follow-up actions if an order is changed. Take advantage of the task management function to support your travel agency staff. Track the progress of the management of an order at any time in the change history.


Advise your customers according to their needs and preferences. For this purpose, save customer requests, travel preferences, excluded types of travel, payment methods and lots more in the CRM. Multiple addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses – no problem for Midoco. Keep an eye on all the customer’s contacts and trips booked so far and use this knowledge to support your sales. Increase your turnover by deriving tailored central and local campaigns from Midoco. Check the results of this in Midoco and make further improvements to your stored campaigns.

Transaction Fee Management

You no longer need to worry about directing service fees. In the Midoco Transaction Fee Manager you can map every conceivable service fee model relating to your customers and allocate these, the possibilities are almost unlimited. Automatically calculate service fees for flights, hotels, rental cars, train tickets and all other services that are recorded in Midoco


With Midoco Multi-Channel it is possible to look after customers via various booking channels. Access to the customer and order data is possible from every location approved to do so. Example applications for Midoco Multi-Channel: Your customer pay for an online booking in person at a branch office Your customer makes follow-up booking for an existing trip at another branch office. The overarching data prevents redundancies, which has a positive influence on the system performance. The customer feels understood and in good hands when a service can be provided to him from anywhere.

Payment processes

No matter how you want to organise your payment processes – Midoco puts no barriers in your way. Automate your payment processes, prepare all due invoices including the referencing credit card transactions in automatic collective runs if necessary. Accept payments on site – with the Midooc cash desk functionality. Retain an overview and balance the collected payments, print a cash book for each member of staff for this purpose. If a customer forgets a payment – automatically send a friendly payment reminder. If a formal overdue notice is necessary, then allow a reminder fee to be automatically issued by the Midoco Transaction Fee Management.


Automatically pass on the invoicing data arising from documents to back-office systems: you are already managing the corresponding codes and accounts in Midoco. This means it is not necessary to handle the exports manually. If you use SAP (RBS or IBIZA), Navision, DATEV or Sage, benefit from the automatic exports from Midoco.

Due to Midoco we were very quickly able to improve our processes in all areas and simplify or even fully automate manual procedures. Thanks to the expertise of the friendly employees, the constant development and good information policy of Midoco, we also feel we are very well set up for the future.

Melanie Litzenberger

Midoco basic architecture: