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Midoco, the No. 1 for virtual tour operators


MIDOCO for virtual tour operators

Does your expertise lie in on demand trips with dynamic production? Midoco supports you after the booking with a high degree of automation. Process your travel bookings in this respect down to exporting the booking entries for your accounting. Choose between single margin posting, group or total margin posting.

Here are the key features of Midoco for virtual tour operators:

Process automation

Midoco assumes the automation of your processes. The scope ranges from sending out the invoice, payment automation (e.g. credit card, PayPal and many more), credit check (e.g. Creditreform) to payment reminder processes and through to individually organised processes to best support your work procedures. Advise your partners in the destination area about your customers’ preferences. Get the up-to-date cancellation costs at the press of a button. Use Midoco to check and post your margin with just a few clicks.

Supplier coordination

Depending on the supplier, you will receive different settlement documents. Use Midoco to check and post the various settlement forms, be they individual invoice documents, collective statements or electronic settlement files. At the same time, Midoco Midoffice enables you to compare the settled values with the anticipated/agreed values. For each supplier and settlement period, automatically create overviews that show a difference between the anticipated and settled value.

Travel documents

Create and send your travel documents with Midoco – partly or fully automatically, however you wish.

In doing so, determine when and under what conditions (e.g. receipt of payment) the travel documents are produced.

Choose between sending the travel documents out by email or printing the documents – on an individual basis for each travel order and customer.

Web services

Due to the comprehensive web service functionality, Midoco can easily be integrated with existing IT structures. Use web services to supply Midoco with information in order to make it available to your customers and agency staff. Extract information about travel orders from Midoco in order to show this in customer profiles on your website and lots more.

Agency Accounting

Whether you collect the payment for travel yourself as the operator or leave it to your agencies – with Midoco you generate and post the agency statement automatically. In this respect you decide when and how often you would like to carry out the agency settlement. At the same time you can determine individual commission rates depending on the agency. Would you like to push a particular product with your agencies? No problem. Individual rates of commission can also be determined for this depending on the product.


Midoco features interfaces to the common CRS/GDS systems. Were there problems with the flight and would you like to give your customer the option of claiming compensation? Our Fairplane interface makes this possible.

Interfaces to the accounting systems such as DATEV, SAGE, NAVISION, JETFIBU, DCW, and many others.

Midoco basic architecture: