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MIDOCO for Online Travel Agencies

As the market leader in process automation for OTA bookings, Midoco helps you after the booking with the automation of downstream processes, which are individually coordinated and adapted so that you can complete the bookings through to the accounting stage without manual intervention as far as possible. Save time and manual intervention and control the remaining manual work. Automate your business with Midoco.

Here are the key features of Midoco for OTAs and fulfilment centres:

Process automation

Midoco is responsible for automating your OTA processes. This ranges from sending the confirmation, invoicing, payment and reminder processes through to customised processes for optimal support of your work procedures. Strong Interfaces to ERM-Tools, you can control the communication with your customer, thus always ensuring a quick and complete overview of the booking and order status.

Fulfilment functions

With Midoco  you can create models in different work procedures so as to reproduce the required process for your fulfilment partners down to their external image. Large Fulfillment Centers are delivering a full service for various OTAs with Midoco. The agents are working with one system for different clients.

Task Management

A very flexibly adaptable task management feature allows you to keep an eye on critical work and process steps at all times and to also adapt these at short notice in case of changes. Automatically generated and also manually modified tasks ensure that work procedures defined with partners are complied with and ensure compliance with the corresponding quality and agreed service level.

Web Services

Due to the complete web service functionality, Midoco can easily be integrated with existing IT structures. Use web services to supply Midoco with information in order to make it available to your customers and agents. Extract information about travel orders from Midoco in order to show this in customer profiles on your website and lots more.

Agency Accounting

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Midoco features interfaces to the common CRS/GDS systems. Above all there is naturally the link of IBEs with our partners, TravelTainmet, Peakwork and others, in order to automatically transfer bookings to Midoco. In addition, Midoco features interfaces to various service providers so that bookings that are not linked via the common CRS systems can be automatically imported into the order management process.

Due to Midoco we were very quickly able to improve our processes in all areas and simplify or even fully automate manual procedures. Thanks to the expertise of the friendly employees, the constant development and good information policy of Midoco, we also feel we are very well set up for the future.

Melanie Litzenberger
Head of Tourism, Amadeus Germany

Midoco basic architecture: