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MIDOCO Mid-office - Process automation for travel distribution

Travel ERP software tailored to your business needs

MIDOCO is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the travel industry. ERP is used to manage core business processes. Mid-office landscapes of travel organisationes vary depending on the business model. MIDOCO is a business management software that can be customised to the needs of travel managment companies (TMCs),  on - and offline travel agencies (TA and OTA) and tour operators. Automating workflows to increase efficiency in changing technical environments is challenging. The MIDOCO travel ERP software has a modular architecture that allows to tailor the solution to your company-specific operations. Both interface connectivity and features in MIDOCO mid-office have the flexibility to allow travel ERP customisation for special requirements. In the end you will have the capability to manage content from varying sources within one system in one manner.  MIDOCO is a one stop shop for customised workflow automation. SaaS (Software as a service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) has been our core competence for over 14 years!



The complete processing after ticketing including credit card handling and hand over to the financial accounting without manual intervention.


Increasing your workflow efficiency with Midoco will give you a clear competitive advantage and save ressources that you can invest in your growth.



Manage your complete organisation effectively. Provide your agents with a powerful system. This will give you more time for travel consulting and foremost sales.



Order management, creation of travel documents, correct booking of all travel-relevant transactions, agency billing or the loading of supplier billing.

Travel Management Companies (TMCs)

Process automation is probably the strongest lever to grow your profit. More and more travel managment companies rely on MIDOCO's GDS-independent solution. Extend your capabilities through connecting to airlines direct or other providers in addition to the common indirect channels.

Wherever a ticket is booked, it does not make a difference for the downstream process in Midoco. Midoco is PCI-DSS certified and can handle all major credit and travel cards. The extremely efficient transaction fee management maps your customer agreements in detail and runs fully automatically. This gives you complete control over all receipts, airline tickets and service provider bookings.

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Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Your core competence is selling travel services online. Ours is to make sure that you can focus on your core competence and grow with it. We automate your process landscape in the background. Secure process automation is a must have for online bookings. Have Sundays bookings be processed automatically with no time gap. Midoco is an expert tool to provide downstream processing after booking in e-commerce. Workflows can be set up to your individual needs, so you can cut down over even erase manual intervention after the booking.

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Travel Agencies

Provide your local employees with a system that enables them to deliver an outstanding service. All customer data at a glance. Midoco's architecture puts you in control of everything. Control billing and campaigns centrally for all locations or for selected locations. The individual room for manoeuvre of the employees on site can be scaled according to your wishes. Connect multiple sales channels with Midoco Multi Channel and serve your customers all around.

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Tour operators

Your core competence is on demand travel with dynamic production? Midoco manages all post booking downstream processes with a high degree of automation. Process your travel bookings all the way to the export of the accounting records for your book keeping. Choose between single margin, group or total margin booking. Midoco acts like a classic organizer system in the administrative area.

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