Mid-office / ERP for Travel Agencies

Provide your travel consultants with customer focussed services.

Mid-office / ERP for Travel Agencies

Provide your travel consultants in on the ground with a system that empowers them to deliver an outstanding and customer focussed service. Store and maintain customer data centrally and get the full picture at a glance. The MIDOCO architecture enables you to keep control of billing and campaigning centrally for all or selected locations. Room for manoeuvre can be scaled individually. Connect multiple distribution channels with MIDOCO Multi Channel and deliver a full scale service.

Key features of MIDOCO for chain and franchise systems:


Order processing is the key feature of MIDOCO. Bookings and reservations from all connected systems are combined into a travel order.


Don't bother allocating transaction fees in complex aggreement environments.


Automate your payment options and procedures with MIDOCO Midoffice.


Recognize the needs and wishes of your customers and advise them accordingly.


With MIDOCO Multi Channel it is possible to serve customers across different booking channels.


MIDOCO can manage bookkeeping for touristic services.

Which systems deliver bookings to MIDOCO?

All relevant reservation systems are connected to MIDOCO. The GDS being Amadeus, Travelport and Sabre, touristic systems like Traffics, TUI-Iris (direct), CETS, Nurvis or myJack and further more additional special systems like Peakwork, Traveltainment or Farelogix. MIDOCO furthmore also connects to outfitter specific CRS's.

Altogether, more than 70 systems currently supply MIDOCO with booking data. Partly the interfaces to the reservation systems have atwo way communcation. So it is e.g. easy to import a booking from amadeus and to retrieve the booking from within MIDOCO. If the booking changes in Amadeus, the booking will automatically be updated in MIDOCO. If additional payments or credits result from this, then this process is also triggered automatically.

How do you create orders?

The orders are automatically created in MIDOCO. If the customer has a record in the CRM, you can directly enter an invoice or create a travel plan.

If you book additional services for your customer for this trip, MIDOCO automatically assigns them to the correct order. Of course, you can also manually create orders and services or save and reload certain jobs. For all other transactions, such as payments, document management or task management, the order is at the heart of the process chain.

How do you find stored orders?

You always have full access to the stored jobs via a powerful and fast search. The last imported job of the current user is displayed automatically. Other orders can be found by entering customer data, travel or collection period, transaction numbers, ticket numbers or filekeys and much more. In a nutshell, if you know anything about the job or customer, you will find it quickly and efficiently.

How is customer data managed?

The MIDOCO CRM is the central point o truth for your customer data. You can choose whether your entire organisation works with the same data, or whether each agency uses separate data sets. Mixed forms are also conceivable. Of course, the CRM provides typical functions such as campaigns, the complete customer history or dubbles check and stores data from private and corporate customers as well as intermediaries and agencies.

Can I save documents in the order?

Yes, you can drag and drop any documents in an order or a customer record. A more complex booking can result in quite some work. All relevant documents can be stored in MIDOCO. With the add-on m.Doc you can plan deletion of the documents as GDPR requires.

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Transaction Fee Management

Map any imaginable transaction fee model of your clients and assign them individually. Win new clients through agreements that only you can deploy MIDOCO transaction fee manager can handle anything. Automatically calculate service charges for flights, hotels, car rental, train tickets and all other services collected in MIDOCO.

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Process almost any established business card such as Airplus, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, HSBC and Degussa. Due to extensive compulsory field monitoring in MIDOCO, you will never fail to reproduce additional data agreed with your customers on invoices. If necessary, create all due invoices in automatic batch runs, including referencing credit card transactions.

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Enter customer wishes, travel preferences, travel style exclusions, payment options and much more into the MIDOCO CRM. Multiple addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses - no problem for MIDOCO. See all the contacts and previous booked trips of the customer at a glance and use this knowledge to support sales procedures. Increase your revenue by creating tailor-made centralised and decentralised campaigns from MIDOCO. Optimise your saved campaigns by analysing results.

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Multi Channel

Access to customer and order data is possible from any location that has been activated for this purpose. Application examples for MIDOCO Multi Channel are:

  • Your customer pays his online booking locally in a shop
  • Your customer makes a follow-up booking to an existing trip in another location. MIDOCO prevents redundancies, which positively influences the system's performance. The customer feels understood and in good hands when a service offer can be made to him anywhere.

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Prepare the entire touristic results for the over all accounting on the fly. You only need to export the finished bookkeeping data into your third party system. The corresponding codes and accounts are already maintained in Midoco. Thus, a manual processing of exports is not necessary. SAP (RBS or IBIZA), Navision, DATEV or Sage are part of your system landscape - benefit from the automatic exports of MIDOCO.

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