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Midoffice for Tour Operators

Your company is specialised on On-demand travel with dynamic production? Midoco will optimize your downstream processes after booking with a high degree of automation. Process your travel bookings up to the export of the accounting records for your book keeping. Choose between single margin, group or total margin booking.

Key features of Midoco for Tour Operators:


Skip manual steps throughout the customer journey


Create and send your customers' travel documents with Midoco - partially or completely automatically, just as you like.


Regardless of whether outfitter or the agency collects the travel price - create and book the invoice automatically.


Apply supplier specific billing processes


Midoco can be easily integrated into almost any IT landscape due to its extensive web service functionality.


Midoco maintains interfaces to the common GDS / CRS and booking systems.

Process Automation

The scope of Midoco covers anything from issuing invoices, payment automation (e.g., credit card, PayPal, etc.), credit check (e.g., credit reform), dunning, to custom processes to optimally support workflows. Inform your partners at the destination about wishes of your customers. Get the daily updated cancellation costs at the touch of a button. Control and record your margin with Midoco in just a few clicks.

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Travel Documents

Determine when and under what conditions (for example, payment settlement) the travel documents are produced. Choose between sending the travel documents by e-mail or printing the documents - individually per travel order and customer.

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Agency Debiting

With Midoco, you automatically generate the agency invoice and record it into your accounting system. The debiting frequency can be tailored to your needs. Depending on the agency, you can set individual commission rates. Would you like to push a specific product with your agencies? A no brainer for Midoco. Drilling down commission rates to product level is a key feature.

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Supplier Differentiation

Control and record the different types of billing, be it individual billing documents, collective billing or electronic billing files. Midoco Midoffice allows you to test the billed values with the expected / agreed values. Automatically create overviews for the supplier and billing cycle, showing a difference between the expected and billed value.

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Push data into Midoco through web services and provide your clients and agents with relevant information. Extract information on travel requests from Midoco to display them in customer profiles on their website and more.

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Connectivity to booking systems is one of the key features of Midoco. Midoco has access to about 70 systems. Do run your own CRS or use a third party booking tool? Either we have the system connected or we will connec to the system of your choice. Midoco not only connects booking sources. Our software can communicate with many systems along the value chain. Did you e.g encounter problems with a flight booking and would you like to offer your customer the possibility of compensation? Our fairplane interface enables your agents to offer this service. Interfaces to accounting systems such as DATEV, SAGE, NAVISION, JETFIBU, DCW are available of course.

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