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Mid-office / ERP for Travel Management Companies

MIDOCO mid-office / travel ERP delivers solutions for travel management companies. The main issues on the agenda concern low margins, technological progress, changing distribution strategies of travel suppliers and markets. MIDOCO’s architecture allows tailoring the system according to global and market-specific challenges. The ERP software provides connectivity, functionalities, automation and customisation, enabling the travel management companies to apply individual strategies that reduce costs and scale business. Arising business opportunities will become more tangible with MIDOCO ERP being the operational backbone of your process landscape.

Key features of MIDOCO mid-office / ERP for Travel Management Companies:


Start deploying automation solutions to streamline any manual procedure and invest your valuable time in growth.


Don't bother allocating transaction fees in complex aggreement environments.


Automate your payment options and procedures with MIDOCO mid-office.


Comprehensive web-service functionalities enable easy integration into existing IT landscapes.


Empower your business analytics with centralised data storage.


Organise your tasks with the MIDOCO Task Management and score with attentive service.

Mid-office Process Automation

As we see it, the best automation is when processes run invisibly. An efficient remark interpretation allows you to map nearly any business transaction directly from the reservation systems. Continue the invisible perfection by automating the downstream processes that follow a booking. Do not burden yourself with manual tasks that cause unnecessary costs. Increase your degree of automation up to 100 % with MIDOCO mid-office / ERP.

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Transaction Fee Management

Map any imaginable transaction fee model of your clients and assign them individually. Win new clients through agreements that only you can deploy. The MIDOCO transaction fee manager can handle anything. Automatically calculate service charges for flights, hotels, car rental, train tickets and all other services collected in MIDOCO.

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Process almost any established business card such as Airplus, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diners, HSBC and Degussa. Due to extensive compulsory field monitoring in MIDOCO, you will never fail to reproduce additional data agreed with your customers on invoices. If necessary, create all due invoices in automatic batch runs, including referencing credit card transactions. The MIDOCO mid-office / ERP software is PCI/DSS certifed. This allows you to save your customers credit card information which means, that you do not need to work with a standalone payment solution and lets you be in charge of the entire buyers journey.

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The interface to Farelogix has already been established to automatically incorporate Direct Connect bookings from the LH Group into order processing and to guarantee the usual procedure in analogy to a GDS booking even for these connections. Thus, no process breaks arise in the calculation of transaction fees, payment processes including the transfer of additional data and the transfer to the existing accounting systems.

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Business Intelligence

The MIDOCO system allows you to access to almost every database field in the application. Profit from Ad-hoc reporting saving valuable time. Categorise your customers and quickly create email or letter campaigns with MIDOCO campaign management and control your marketing activities with MIDOCO mid-office.

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Task Management

For business travelers, time is money. They approach you, because they hope for a better organisation. Score at this point with optimal task management. The MIDOCO task manager organises your work processes perfectly. Schedule tasks, let yourself be reminded, put documents in the resubmission, assign tasks when you are not available or on vacation, and many features more will help you stick out. Deliver the best service to your business travel customers by organising every step in the business relationship.

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Online Travel Agencies

MIDOCO Midoffice has the capability to fully automate the entire downstream process of an OTA booking. The modular design of MIDOCO allows a high degree of customisation ...

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Travel Agencies

Provide your travel consultants in the field with a system that empowers them to deliver an outstanding and customer focussed service. Store and maintain customer data centrally ...

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