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Helpful MIDOCO functionalities during the Corona Crisis (COVID-19)

In times like these, you wish to steer your organisation safely through the storm. This requires all kinds of instruments from different sides. The restrictions during the Corona crisis are depriving the travel industry of the basis for their business. In these times, it is necessary to save money on the one hand, and on the other hand, to make use of all available tools to protect your business.  If a company has lean operations, the need for action is naturally less, and you can take more care of your customers.

Two things are helpful concerning mid-office in crises. One is flexibility, and the other is automation. Do you have the necessary functions to adapt operations to the situation? If so, this gives you the flexibility to adapt to a changing environment more quickly. Are there processes in your workflows that save you time and resources through automation? There are many aspects of order processing, such as sending confirmations or reconciling payments, reminders, processes that follow a cancellation, and much more.  The best thing would be to look at a workflow and come to a conclusion that, crisis or not, it works in every situation.

A higher degree of automation, consequently, is beneficial in times of crisis because it makes your business processes more efficient. Automation not only saves you costs in good times and thus allows you to build up more reserves, but also keeps you capable of acting in the crisis. In a crisis, the weak points in processes often become apparent.

We have identified a pair of functionalities of MIDOCO as examples, which prove to be useful in the given situation.

For tour operators

For agencies

  • Provide corona status to the orders related to the corona crisis.A travel agency can easily create this status dimension in MIDOCO Mid-office and allocate it to an order.
  • Central access to organisational units in MIDOCO Mid-office for travel agency chains. This allows orders assigned to closed agencies to be accessed and thereby processed centrally This way the customers orders still can be accessed even though the shop may be closed.
  • Using the listing functionalities, reports with corona status or other defined attributes can be created within corona context.